jennifermcalisterIn 2001, the founder of Witness thru Fitness, Jennifer McAlister, ran her first marathon. At around mile 17 she “hit the wall” and felt as if she couldn’t go one step further. It was then that she relied on verses like Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and Isaiah 40:31 – …those who trust in the Lord shall run and not grow weary.

She finished the race and decided to start a company designing shirts and other fitness related items that would encourage and inspire others to keep on keepin’ on when they felt like quitting. She has since gone on to complete 20 marathons and two full IRONMANS. Besides designing apparel that encourages others, she writes about her lessons learned and experiences on her Witness Thru Fitness site.

Witness thru Fitness apparel not only encourages the person wearing the shirt but also those who read the message. We hope this is true for you and pray that you finish well in all that you do.

Contact me at:  jennifer@witnessthrufitness.com